Application/Building Construction ,Road & Bridge Engineering

Basalt unidirectional fabric (construction type, bridge type, vehicle type)
    Building bridges of consolidation, reinforcement and repair; radar cover, shipped machine parts, radar antenna;
tanks armored body, structure, wheel hub, torque rods and bushings; sports skis, alpine skis, surfboard, etc.. Basalt
fiber unidirectional fabric of basalt fiber products is currently the most mature product.



Basalt Composite Bar (building type, bridge type)
1, solve the north, south and humid areas and poor areas of acid-base environment, bridge, road corrosion resistance
of reinforced concrete structure issues, life issues;
2, solve the highway continuously reinforced concrete pavement construction technical problems and the need for welding
steel reinforced concrete structure of the problem;
3, reduce the weight of the bridge, to provide its carrying capacity and service life;
4, solution mining, tunnel, highway slope supporting the permanent anchor;
5, simplified construction difficulty, to improve construction efficiency, shorten the construction period and construction of
part of the cost savings;
6, lower construction cost and total project cost, and reduce maintenance costs.


Asphalt concrete with basalt chopped yarn (bridge class, civil class)
 Basalt chopped fiber suitable for SMA asphalt mixture (SMA), open-graded asphalt gravel mixture (OGFC), Dense graded
asphalt concrete (AC), semi-open-graded asphalt concrete pavement, pouring asphalt concrete other asphalt concrete pavement.
Applied to road pavement, bridge deck, tunnel paving, overpasses and other areas of municipal roads.


Mortar / concrete chopped basalt yarn (bridge type, construction type)
 【Products】 1> performance through the national Ministry of Communications, Southwest Jiaotong University, Jiaotong University Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeastern University School of Civil Engineering, Shenyang Architectural University, and a series of detection tests, basalt fiber can be effectively reinforced concrete / mortar impact resistance, wear resistance, anti-temperature shrinkage resistance, ability to freeze-thaw damage; improve concrete / mortar crack resistance, impermeability and workability to improve production efficiency and economic construction. 2> Standard: National standard "cement concrete and mortar with chopped basalt fibers" Number: GB / T 23265-2009, In November 2009 in Mayhe formally implement. Ministry of Transportation standards "Highway Engineering basalt fiber and its products Part 1 chopped basalt fiber yarn" Plan No.: JT2007-37, is currently approved by experts.
   Chopped basalt fiber is an alternative polypropylene (PP), polyacrylonitrile (PAN) for Reinforced Concrete of good material.


Basalt fiber geotextile (bridge type)
【Products】 1> Properties: basalt fiber mesh fabric with high tensile strength, good compatibility with the mixture of asphalt can be very good against bio-erosion and climate change. As the asphalt mixture mixing temperatures up to 190 ℃ or more, the temperature of the basalt fiber mesh fabric mesh fabric in a variety of species present in a strong competitive advantage. 2> Standard: Standard, Traffic, "Highway Engineering basalt fiber and its products Part 3 of basalt fiber mesh cloth" Plan No.: JT2007-37, is currently approved by experts. Ministry of Construction Standards "fiber reinforced composite grid" building standard (2008) 103 Man, currently being drafted. 3> Application: laying cement concrete pavement, bridge pier reinforcing the dam and various building and construction joint surface of walls, pieces of cement mortar or concrete pouring.
    Civil areas of the road.